21 Day Spring Break Fitness Challenge

MGII Elite Training

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Starting on March 6th get ready to spring into action with the 21 Day Spring Break Fit Challenge! Are you up for the challenge to lose weight or gain glutes?


For 21 days, this fitness program will push your limits to see results just in time for spring break with a rigorous workout plan and customized meal plan. The goal is to keep you fueled and energized while getting you ready for the warm weather to come! You will also gain access to live online fitness boot camp classes in addition to your customized workout plan.


Participants will earn points for every pound of fat they lose, every percentage point of body fat they shed, every workout completed, and even for staying hydrated.


Think you have what it takes to come out on top? Prizes will be awarded to those who place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd - so bring your A-game!


Two Challenge Editions available - Weight Loss and Glute Gains - from beginners to advanced athletes, there's a program awaiting for every fitness level!


The first 20 people to register will score an amazing deal of just $75! ($100 regular) Don't miss out on this opportunity to spring into action and transform your body - sign up now!